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The NYMC Podcast

With Brenton Killeen and Jimmy Young

Youth Ministry in Australia has a long and awesome history but we are all grappling with what the future is going to look like.

It feels like we are on the cusp of a generational change of youth culture in Australia but the shape is a little hazy right now. Every Christian wants to see a generation of young people following Jesus in radical ways, but the question remains how do we do that?

One year ago, I wrote an article on conversations Youth Ministry in Australia must have to be a part of this change. It involved a lot of the same questions you are probably asking (you can read it here). Brenton Killeen, one of the masterminds behind NYMC challenged me to do something about it, and in a dingy café in Melbourne, the NYMC podcast was born.

We want to lead the way in hosting these conversations by getting groups of the best pastors, theologians youth pastors and youth workers Australia has to offer in the same room and thrashing some of these big questions out.

We would love you to share this with your friends, ask big questions with your leaders and send in any thoughts that you have.

– Jimmy Young, Co-Host of the NYMC podcast